Smart Home Grenton with z 0% APRC installment plan

Starting from today our solution is available on the Polish market with 0% APRC installment plan.
This is the next step to facilitate an access to Grenton smart home system by giving the external financing.

Easier access to smart home system

Our solution has never been so affordable in financial terms for customers. Now they can enjoy the special offer for Grenton’s devices, including:

  • no need to invest all the resources at the time of purchase
  • up to 2 months for the first payment
  • the same rate for the entire term
  • no additional and hidden charges

- For Grenton this is a new approach to the way we offer our product – says Marek Polit, Sales Director in Grenton. – I’m convinced that interest-free credit with no additional charges will facilitate the access to our solution and innovative home management technology – adds Marek Polit.

Our cooperation with Tauron has evolved since 2019. This is an example of perfect product synergy between two leaders of Polish market in their industries: energy supplier and smart home system provider.

Benefits of smart home technology

What are the greatest advantages for the household, particularly for those who plan to optimize energy consumption?

  • reduces the energy expenses by adjusting the lightning to the time of day and night
  • helps to save the energy supporting  photovoltaics
  • remembers about daily tasks instead of us, for example: it turns off the lights when the room is empty or devices when we don’t use them

These are chosen examples which show how smart home living improves the comfort of life and makes saving money easier.