Solar Energy and Smart Home. Grenton has become a technological partner of SunRoof

• This partnership is intended to promote a sustainable, but also comfortable lifestyle and set new directions for the development of ecological and intelligent homes.
• Both brands were joined by the functional complementarity of their products - energy production by solar roofs, and its management by a smart home system.
• Customers of SunRoof and Grenton who take advantage of these perfectly complementary offers can maximize their use of "green" energy.  They achieve savings thanks to both free solar energy, and its intelligent management. Additionally, they can further benefit from increased savings on the costs of house lighting and heating by introducing advanced smart technology.
This is excellent news for investors looking for comprehensive solutions which allow to completely utilize free, renewable electricity and increase a building's energy-efficiency. Further added value for customers arises from the provision of two complementary products at the same decision making stage during home construction or renovation. This means measurably higher benefits from investing in new technologies. This partnership model allows to smoothly transition from functionality, convenience, security, and savings on electricity bills - which are the most frequently listed qualities of smart homes - to combating climate change.
- The technological association with Grenton falls within SunRoof's global strategy and active expansion of our own solution portfolio with the innovations of our partners. It will allow even better utilization of solar energy and creation of an infrastructure based on a solar roof integrated with a smart home system. Never before has efficient management of clean energy in different areas of everyday life been so simple. - says Lech Kaniuk, SunRoof co-founder and CEO.
An intelligent home with good energy
A modern house is distinguished by being eco-friendly and smart. More and more people decide to use renewable energy, which contributes to protecting the natural environment, and also is the most readily available, and cost-efficient. A key issue is also maximizing its usage, as it ensures the most valuable return on investment. This is the reason for the rising popularity of modern smart home systems which ensure the optimal use of free "green" energy, and increase the comfort of living. Studies show, that in 2019 every third newly built house in Poland was a smart home, and this trend continues to develop . 
The Grenton Smart Home System significantly expands the capabilities of a smart home equipped with SunRoof solar panels. It ensures advanced automation at an international level, which has so far been installed in over 5 000 homes in 21 countries. The system, integrated with solar technology, redirects surplus energy to where it is needed the most, e.g. room heating using an air conditioner, heating mats and foils, or an electric heater in radiators. At the same time, it stores, monitors and plans energy usage so that, for example, depending on the weather forecast, on sunny days allow for a higher discharge rate of the battery which stores energy generated by the solar roof. Temperature sensors which gather information on the conditions inside and outside the house make it possible to reduce heat losses. The Grenton system also remotely controls the household heating, lighting, ventilation, garage door, or multimedia devices.
- This is another consequent step in building partnerships for Grenton - says Jacek Gzyl, Grenton co-founder and CEO. The companies' partnership is an example of product synergy of leading and innovative market players in their respective categories, which for the end customer means, among other things: reduced expenses, e.g. by adjusting lighting power depending on the time of day and year, rational use of the household's resources, e.g. through increased efficiency of utilizing photovoltaic or recuperation systems, as well as enabling performance of tasks which the household members might forget, e.g. turning off lights in rooms that are not occupied.
The partnership between SunRoof and Grenton is already resulting in the first projects performed using both complementary technologies, which guarantee homeowners comfortable living and flexible management of their own energy. In addition, both entities confirm the partnership in further joint initiatives, where the ecosystem created by SunRoof, in the category of smart home products, will be fully addressed by Grenton products.
[1] Report on house construction in Poland,, 2020.
SunRoof creates 2-in-1 solar roofs and innovative facades that produce green electricity without installing traditional photovoltaic panels. This is the best investment which replaces a standard roof - providing the highest efficiency, the lowest CO2 footprint, and unique aesthetics. Our mission is to increase the rate at which the world transitions to sustainable energy by creating beautiful roofs, whose power will cover the entire building's energy requirements.
Grenton's mission focuses on providing smart home technology solution in a way that addresses the customers' individual needs, producing a comprehensive intelligent home system. Grenton's Smart Home System is a combination of: wired and wireless control modules, flexible configuration software, control panels with a unique design, and the intuitive, personalized "myGrenton" app that allows the system's users to manage their home locally and remotely.